The Gathering is postponed to July 2021. Everyone who booked will receive a message individually with attached instructions for refunds.

Welcome to the SUBUD Assisi Gathering 2020 website, created to inform you about this joint zone 3 & 4 event. It will be taking place from August 1-10 in Italy at the Domus Pacis Hotel and Conference Centre located just outside the historical village of Assisi.

The intention is to make this a joyful SUBUD gathering for ALL ages with the opportunity for lots of activities. Rooms are airconditioned, there is a green area around the building including a playground for young children, and food is home-made. If you have never experienced the magic of this part of the world, it’s about time! If you’ve been here before, we know you will want to be back!

Besides the joint Zone 3 & 4 Gathering, annual meetings will take place for both SICA and SDIA, and we are looking forward to having Youth Representatives from all over the world in attendance, inspiring us with their energetic presence.